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Not Ahira, but still!

Good morn everyone!

This isn't really Princess Ahira news, but I'm so proud I don't care! ;)

I recently entered a contest at the Literary Lab called Genre Wars. I entered a piece called The Little Wolf and the Big Bad Pigs. The story is a satirical children's story that takes a different look at the Three Little Pigs.

The Little Wolf and the Big Bad Pigs was selected to be included in the Genre Wars anthology! The anthology can be purchased from Lulu.com for $13. It's 215 pages and includes other selected stories from the Genre Wars contest. All of the proceeds will go to WriteGirl, a group designed to empower girls through self expression.

For a blurb of my short story that is in the anthology please click more!

Note: If lulu says the anthology costs more than $13 check and make sure you only have ONE copy in your basket. When I initially clicked on the link I had a heart attack because it had somehow automatically given me 3 copies.

Once upon a time there was a little, black wolf who lived in a lovely little house of bricks. Now this little wolf was a clever canine. He worked for a real-estate company, was a model wolf, and was the champion of the Wolverine Swimming Squad. He could hold his breath the longest and always swam the fastest.

Now unfortunately for our clever little wolf the economy failed. First the housing market dropped, and then the stock market tanked. A month later the little wolf was laid off by the real-estate company he worked for.

“Oh dear,” the little wolf said. “Whatever will I do? I can’t pay the bills for my little, brick home!”

The next day a member from the baking firm Piggy & Sow nailed a foreclosure notice on the little wolf’s door. The little wolf had no choice but to move.

“I will look for a more affordable house,” the little wolf said. He was so determined that he got himself a job working at a Starbucks in town. Ever the real-estate agent, the little wolf managed to snag a house made of sticks. This house was not nearly as nice as his brick house. It was quite drafty, and the little wolf didn’t dare to start his stove for fear of accidentally setting his whole house on fire.

But the little wolf was happy in his sticky house. He lived there for quite some time. And then Starbucks announced that it would be closing 500 stores nation wide. The store the little wolf worked at was one of them.

“Oh dear,” the little wolf said. “Whatever will I do? I can’t pay the bills for my little stick home!”

The little wolf had a very bad feeling that he would soon have a visit from his bank.

For the whole story either please contact me or buy the anthology! There are lots of good stories in there! Thanks for reading!